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Minifier JS Online


Examples #

Try a few example inputs:
  • [TRY] Minify a simple 'hello' function and preserve 'myLastName' variable name.

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Description #

Minify JS Online is a tool that allows you to minify your JavaScript resources. JavaScript minification is an optimization process that makes your JavaScript code smaller without changing its functionality. It is a simple lossless compression with obvious benefits. If you have smaller script files to deliver to the user, you need less bandwidth and the user receives the content faster. Minification is recommended even if you use GZip compression, because the compressed minified resource is usually even smaller than a compressed resource that was not minified.

Minify JS is based on UglifyJS2 project by Mihai Bazon.

Usage #

To minify your script using Minify JS Online, simply copy the script to the Input JavaScript field and hit the the "Minify!" button.

If you do not want to support Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, or 8, you can disable the Preserve compatibility with IE6-8 option and thus save a couple of bytes in some scripts.

The Display output indented option is useful for debugging purposes. With this option enabled, the output will be indented and thus readable for a human developer. In order to get maximal space savings, however, you need to have this option disabled.

For maximal savings of the minification, enable the Change names of local variables. The minification engine will rename local variables and longer variable names will be shortened. If you want to preserve names of some variables, put their comma-separated list into the Reserved words field.

Limits #

The input size is limited to 2 MB.